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Sunday, August 9, 2009

19 Balance, the Role of Mr.Do and Dragon, why we have both

Mr/Ms Do ( the 'I') controls, the body (the 'myself').  Mr/Ms Do has to decide what the body should do.  So Mr/Ms Do listens to the widgets ( the 'me').

The upper nature widgets tend to become socialized by society.  Geru ( part of the 'me' or widgets) has the plans, the beliefs, and will try and shape up the other widgets to see, feel, think and do the 'right' things for the moment.

But Mr/Ms Do (I) gets feedback from the body (myself), such as pleasure or pain, and from the upper nature widgets (me) and the the lower nature widgets and Dragon (the other half of 'I'). They tend to want instant pleasure and all of it.

A struggle will occur over what to do in any situation, the body, Dragon and lower nature wants instant pleasure and Mr/Ms Do, and the upper nature wants what is best for (my)self and others, past, present, and future.

Who wins depends on the strength of different widgets (upper and lower), which gives strength to Mr/Ms Do or Dragon.  The strength of the widgets depends on the biological or genetics, family and other emotional upbringing, beliefs, and habits, the four different personalities.

Mr/Ms Do and crew, upper nature widgets strive to do what works for the good of self and others. Dragon and crew, the lower nature widgets, is pure survival.  The body is an entity unto it's self that the others can use to their advantage.  It tends to be the robotic, not so bright, follower or adventurer.  It strives for survival but is not sure how or what to do.  This leaves lots of open space for drama as they all interact.

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