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Friday, August 14, 2009

14 When love is too great.

By now you have noticed that when a widget is in excess it can increase or decrease the other widget's power, love can make the Mr. Do take better notice of things or stop him/her by turning away to stop harm.  If love rules over Geru we can have the love of logic or less logic so that logic does not hurt.  If loves rules over fear, we can love scary things or protect others or self from scary things.  Love action or love to disappear into one's shell.  Love to deceive, horde, be illogical, or be aggressive.  That is not love in relation to others but to things or actions.

One very debilitating problem can be the over powering love of love, to the point that one does not know how to live without it.  Cuddles like Ant, Bee, and Macho need each other and Geru and Rabbit and Turtle to understand the situation and adjust herself to fit in. Without the other widgets love can be very helpless to adjust to a situation.  A person becomes dependent on another to make those choices and decisions.

Cuddles' love can be a guide when dealing with others, empathy tells us if we are helping or hurting them and, if it's hurt, adjust things to live and let live.

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