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Sunday, August 16, 2009

12 Addictions

Addictions are there because we are creatures of habit.  But addictions are more than just habits.  They are being feed by the fountain of pleasure that floats your boat, tells you that you are doing the right and efficient thing, but you are not.  Geru and Cuddles have lost their purpose as the addiction gives you pleasure more than other's love.  Ant and Bee just look for more opportunities to partake of the addiction.  Rabbit and Turtle live for the actions needed to feed the addictions, such as parties or the club.  Spiedie deceives you by hiding the pain and damages your addiction does, Raccoon feeds your greed or desire to get or do more of the addiction, Crow justifies it, and Coyote aggressively seeks out the addiction.  Without our Cuddles there is no morality towards others. Without fear, as Macho is numbed or the addiction may be for the adrenaline that was produced by the dangerous situation, without fear one is psychopathic.  Do what you want, when you want, how you want to feed the addiction no mater if it hurts self or others.

Because of neglect of the important things in life you loose brain connections.  Your brain looses intelligent reactions, you get a barren brain.  Then there is nothing to live for but the addiction.

Addictions to substances or addictions to routines, jobs, gambling, sex,  and or adrenaline cause a lot of problems in relationships and citizenships.  They cost society uncountable woes and money.  And we all are prone to get addicted to something, Computer addictions, trills addiction, You name it.

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