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Saturday, August 15, 2009

13 Widgets Need a Car

Our minds are like a car on a journey.  We are driven to seek out the next helpful task or journey.  Our minds need to be headed somewhere or boredom sets in.  We can think of Mr Do as the Driver.  Ant and Bee are the windshield, they let you see and hear what is going around.

The gas is the Cuddles widget, love is a great motivation.  The breaks would be macho, the fear factor.
We could make Geru the GPS system that tells you where you are and where you need to turn to get to your destination.

We can call Rabbit the engine and Turtle the key to turn the car on or off.  Mr. Do ultimately applies the breaks but Ant and Bee show you the road, Macho yells danger, Geru confirms it and tells Macho to slow us down so Turtle can stop Rabbit or at least put him in idling.

Spiedy is the dirt on the windshield or the little voice that says go for the gusto without discernment, say pass someone when there is no time to make it because of an oncoming car.  Raccoon says its ok to be a road hog and disregard other cars, the road belongs to you.  Crow throws out the map or disables the GPS and says you are controlled by Luck so why not do what you want and drink and drive.  Coyote is now the engine that is going at high speed and Dragon, the driver, is at war with the other drivers.

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