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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

03 The Widgets of Our Upper Nature

(See previous two posts for background)

The widgets are the little guys or gals that help Mr. Do or Dragon navigate in the world. The brain goes through steps or stages in processing the world. First we have to perceive the world. Ant sees detail and Bee can fly around and see more of the patterns. That takes up the back of the brain and near the ears.

Next we must decide to approach, or love, what we see or fear it and avoid it. Cuddles the loving dog and scarty cat Macho dwell in the middle of the brain.

Next Geru the bird can fly and gather more information and from that plan what to do. That takes the frontal lobes.

Lastly we will go ahead and act on the situation. Mr. Do operates the body but must have energy, so we have Rabbit. But at times Rabbit needs to slow down so Turtle will help out.

This cycle is repeated over and over. If we are Obsessive Compulsive the cycle is very very strong and insistent.

The Next Blog will cover our Lower Nature Widgets

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