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Thursday, August 13, 2009

15 Logic, a blessing or a curse.

Geru is the most versatile and varied widget.  Environment affects its more than the others to small or great heights of thought.  From foolish to wisdom logic can glorify or discredit you and the other widgets.  It is the one widget that out strips the animals.  Instincts have shrunken in importance as thought has grown.  It gives us the agility to overcome situations, change them, to build and destroy beyond the ability of other animals or creatures and plants.  We have the ability to understand beyond our place in the scheme of things or to have less understanding than simple insects, germs, plants as we loose tough with nature and our other widgets.

As with the other widgets it can increase or decrease the influence and acuity of the other widgets.  Science sees beyond our senses or fantasy ignores them, we fear or love beyond reason with false beliefs and imagination, we walk on the moon or lay and do nothing with the proper or missing information.

The lower nature can soar above our upper nature to the detriment of all other widgets, deceive beyond need, horde beyond benefit, fool us into wasting our time and life or that of others, destroy ourselves.

Personality can change with the knowledge of how to arrange the widgets to overcome our limits of perception, fears, loves, thought, action, deception, greed, rationalizing, or anger.

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