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Monday, August 17, 2009

11 When fear is too great.

When fear is too great it tends to rule.  It takes over the other widgets.  It can make Ant and Bee too active looking for danger or shrink Ant and Bee for fear of seeing more danger.  Anxiety can do the same to Cuddles, over dependent for safety needs or no love for fear of rejection.  Geru too, too much analyzing to avoid danger or too little, withdrawing from scary thoughts.  Same with Turtle and Rabbit.  The dare devil and the sloth.

The lower nature widgets can also increase or decrease.  More or less deception, more greed or less, irrationality or loss any thought, less or more violence.

Our basic personality from birth and experience will make the difference in choosing which way to go.  Anxiety can be so debilitating with panic attacks that people may not leave their home.  Often this condition involves the heart acting up when it spends up.

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