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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

16 Geru Widgets and Maturity.

Maturity is the process of understanding the widgets, their possibilities of harm or helpfulness to self and others and the art of balancing them to the benefit of self and others.  It is the ability to take memories of the senses, of fears from the depths of the past, empathy, to take wisdom from books, elders, science, religion, and literature of the ages, the skills and possible actions, deceptions, hoarding, defenses, and anger and shape them all the benefit of self and others in the now and future from glimpses of the past.

The other blogs address some of these issues.  This blog will eventually address how to increase the senses to the benefit of the logic, of science and living.  The blog on the family address emotions. The blog on battle of the sexes expands logic between the sexes.  Jobs looks at situations in the work places. Other blogs will ensue as time goes on.

Some people just have an inability to think ahead, or deeply.  The may be slow at everything or just slow at seeing things in depth.  We call them shallow.  It can be a biological weakness in the Geru or the under or over reaction of the other widgets.  Too inattentive, too anxious to think (Histrionic), slow, too tired or too active to stop and think, too deceptive, greedy, weird thinking from biological (psychotic) or beliefs (astrology or other beliefs that we know are not very reliable but we like them or really do believe them as we never really tested them), or we are too rebellious to care.

In general, the widgets need to be balanced with each other, not over dominate unless the situation calls for it.  In most situations the upper nature should rule more than the lower.

Next Post: Actions speak louder than words.

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