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Sunday, August 23, 2009

05 Personality Types

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This is a statistical model of probability. Our biological personalities are formed by chance, the chance of genetics. This chance happening determines if we will have a little or a lot of the traits or abilities or talents of Ant (detailed observation), Bee (puzzles and patterns), Macho (innate fears or anxiety), Cuddles (love and empathy), Geru (the gist or overview of things) , Rabbit (energy), or Turtle (patience).

That gives us a cluster of four basic Biological Personality Types, observers, feelers, thinkers, and doers.

Genetic chance also determines the strength or weakness of our lower nature traits of Spidie (deceiver), Raccoon (greedy), Crow (excuses), and Coyote (stealer). But these types are so influenced by childhood experiences I reserve them for a second cluster of personality types I call Family Personality Types. They vary by how childhood experiences affect the four Biological Personality Types, making them weaker and stronger, and how they affect and allow the Lower Nature Widgets to rule or not.

A third cluster is how Social Factors affect the widgets and interplay with the four Biological Personality Types. Basically it is society permissions to allow certain widgets free reign or not.

A fourth cluster is how our Habits and learned tasks affect the widgets and interplay with the four Biological Personality Types. It is basically how our learned behaviors change us.

You may have figured out that the clusters also reflect the four Biological Personality Types. We have the Bio (what we are born with or whats left after medical problems or accidents), Family (feelings changed by family dynamics), Social (how we socially learn to think about what we can do), and the Habits (how we develop habits and patters by what we do). The interplay of the Biological traits and the other three learned clusters form an infinite variety of personalities.

Seems complicated but don't feel overwhelmed, I will go over it slower and show some of the dynamics and how they shape personalities.

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