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Saturday, August 22, 2009

06 Normal Personality

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Normal Personality

Enough of theory, lets start looking at personalities. The statistical model looks at normal as the average person and other personality types are variations from normal.

The figures at the top show what the pets widgets look like. The widgets are placed on the statistical bell curve. We will make two extremes or a bi-polar extremes. As the widgets are placed at the very left they are saintly, much more than the average person. Those that migrate to the left are the opposite of saintly and so are more devilish.

In general, the upper nature is more saintly and the lower nature more devilish, but not a huge difference in the average person. Our upper natures are more cooperative, loving, and lead to life being sustained. Our lower natures come into play in defense when we are threatened. The survival mode, so to speak. It is less cooperative, less loving, and often leads to the hurt or death of others, or of self if others retaliate back with their survival mode.

The next post will deal with another personality type. I have not settled on which one yet. Have you any requests?

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