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Monday, August 10, 2009

18 Actions speak louder than words.

We sense a lot, fear and love a lot, even think a lot.  But our actions can rule over our better judgement.  Habits and addictions can lead us into temptation, into trouble or save us from evil.  We are creatures of habit.  It is the way of live.  When an animal tromps all over the woods for hours hunting food and finds the mother load the widgets do a dance, fireworks go off, and note is taken of the location.  The next day the animal will go directly to the same spot without wasting time and effort.  That is the most efficient way to go.  If the food is there day after day, the animal will automatically go back at certain intervals without much effort or thought.  He has a habit that is efficient and fruitful.

We get into habits of the senses, feelings, thoughts and actions that have lost their usefulness but we do not realize it.  This can be from biological shortcomings, as attention deficit, anxiety, lovelessness,  thoughtlessness, tiredness, mischiefs, self involvement, justifications, or rages.  It can also be from personality problems that we learned, to be careless, cold hearted, thoughtless, lazy, deceptive, greedy, judgmental, and vicious.

We may also have never been taught to think or perhaps taught to over think.  We read too much into it.  What ever the reason our actions will not be advantages for us and others in a particular situation.

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