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Thursday, August 27, 2009

01 What It Is About


I have arranged the posts from number 01 on to start at the top and proceed down to 20 at the bottom so you can read it as a book.

This blog is about human nature in general, more specifically how personality works to affect individuals, family, groups, and nations. I want to make psychology easier for those who have not already slaved over psych books. So I have used cartoons to represent key ideas. A review of these can be found in my web site But I will explain them here also. They are not the traditional jargon of past writers but the ideas are still there. I want this endeavor to be fun for me and you. Post comments or questions and I will review them. If you do not want them published please tell me so. The next post is the key to the key concepts. Remember, I will make it simple as it should be for adults and children.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

02 The Key to key ideas.

(See previous post)

There it is, my key. Don't let it boggle your mind, I will explain it. Our lower nature is our inborn selfish or self centered instincts. Our upper nature is the inborn altruistic or help others, even sacrifice self for others, instincts. Natures ultimate goal is to preserve the species or life in general, so it is survival of the fittest group capable of carrying on life in general. It is not survival of the biggest bully, but survival of the group.

The upper nature is ran by Mr. Do. He is the upper part of the brain that runs our bodies. That is unless Dragon from the lower nature does not rush in from the survival mode. If we are in a dangerous situation the Survival mode is the instinct to save us. First we Freeze and assess the situation, next we will Flight or get out of harms way, if trapped we will Fight, lie, cheat, steal, or even kill to survive. If it is activated or let loose without real danger it can cause lots of unnecessary drama and pain to self and others. Dragon is aggressive and will try to take over. Remember Dragon is selfish.

The Next Post will explain the widgets that help Mr. Do and Dragon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

03 The Widgets of Our Upper Nature

(See previous two posts for background)

The widgets are the little guys or gals that help Mr. Do or Dragon navigate in the world. The brain goes through steps or stages in processing the world. First we have to perceive the world. Ant sees detail and Bee can fly around and see more of the patterns. That takes up the back of the brain and near the ears.

Next we must decide to approach, or love, what we see or fear it and avoid it. Cuddles the loving dog and scarty cat Macho dwell in the middle of the brain.

Next Geru the bird can fly and gather more information and from that plan what to do. That takes the frontal lobes.

Lastly we will go ahead and act on the situation. Mr. Do operates the body but must have energy, so we have Rabbit. But at times Rabbit needs to slow down so Turtle will help out.

This cycle is repeated over and over. If we are Obsessive Compulsive the cycle is very very strong and insistent.

The Next Blog will cover our Lower Nature Widgets

Monday, August 24, 2009

04 The Widgets of Our Lower Nature

(See previous three posts for explanation)

Dragon runs our Lower Nature. Dragon has four widgets for the four steps or stages of the brain. Spidie deceives Ant and Bee so we do not perceive correctly.

Raccoon is not fearful or loving but is very greedy. What is his is theirs and what is yours is theirs.

Crow flies around but looks for excuses and justifications. He just does not ever see a big enough picture to forgive or share.

Coyote is the energy, he grabs. steals, and bullies.

In survival mode these five take over and have a party of destruction.

The next post will cover how the widgets vary in each person to create a basic personality type.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

05 Personality Types

(See previous three postings)

This is a statistical model of probability. Our biological personalities are formed by chance, the chance of genetics. This chance happening determines if we will have a little or a lot of the traits or abilities or talents of Ant (detailed observation), Bee (puzzles and patterns), Macho (innate fears or anxiety), Cuddles (love and empathy), Geru (the gist or overview of things) , Rabbit (energy), or Turtle (patience).

That gives us a cluster of four basic Biological Personality Types, observers, feelers, thinkers, and doers.

Genetic chance also determines the strength or weakness of our lower nature traits of Spidie (deceiver), Raccoon (greedy), Crow (excuses), and Coyote (stealer). But these types are so influenced by childhood experiences I reserve them for a second cluster of personality types I call Family Personality Types. They vary by how childhood experiences affect the four Biological Personality Types, making them weaker and stronger, and how they affect and allow the Lower Nature Widgets to rule or not.

A third cluster is how Social Factors affect the widgets and interplay with the four Biological Personality Types. Basically it is society permissions to allow certain widgets free reign or not.

A fourth cluster is how our Habits and learned tasks affect the widgets and interplay with the four Biological Personality Types. It is basically how our learned behaviors change us.

You may have figured out that the clusters also reflect the four Biological Personality Types. We have the Bio (what we are born with or whats left after medical problems or accidents), Family (feelings changed by family dynamics), Social (how we socially learn to think about what we can do), and the Habits (how we develop habits and patters by what we do). The interplay of the Biological traits and the other three learned clusters form an infinite variety of personalities.

Seems complicated but don't feel overwhelmed, I will go over it slower and show some of the dynamics and how they shape personalities.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

06 Normal Personality

(Please read previous four posts)

Normal Personality

Enough of theory, lets start looking at personalities. The statistical model looks at normal as the average person and other personality types are variations from normal.

The figures at the top show what the pets widgets look like. The widgets are placed on the statistical bell curve. We will make two extremes or a bi-polar extremes. As the widgets are placed at the very left they are saintly, much more than the average person. Those that migrate to the left are the opposite of saintly and so are more devilish.

In general, the upper nature is more saintly and the lower nature more devilish, but not a huge difference in the average person. Our upper natures are more cooperative, loving, and lead to life being sustained. Our lower natures come into play in defense when we are threatened. The survival mode, so to speak. It is less cooperative, less loving, and often leads to the hurt or death of others, or of self if others retaliate back with their survival mode.

The next post will deal with another personality type. I have not settled on which one yet. Have you any requests?

Friday, August 21, 2009


Devil Vs Saint

Some people are very saintly at some times under certain conditions, such as sitting in church, and very devilish at other times, such as tipsy on a bar stool.

Some people tend to be saintly all the time, such as Mother Teresa, and some very devilish all the time, such as a psychopath.

Next I will look at certain personality types and or disorders. If you want me to map out any certain one let me know. Also you can give it a try.